Welcome to the Licking County Library

  • Johnstown

    Johnstown (Mary E. Babcock)

    320 North Main Street
    Johnstown, Ohio 43031

    Mondays | 10am - 8pm
    Tuesdays | 10am - 8pm
    Wednesdays | 10am - 8pm
    Thursdays | 10am - 8pm
    Fridays | 10am -3pm
    Saturdays | 10am -3pm
    Sundays | Closed

    The Johnstown Public Library opened in 1957 as a branch of the Newark Public Library, located in a single room of the Town Hall at the Monroe Township House.

    In 1995, Mary E. Babcock provided funding to purchase land to construct a new facility. Many dedicated community members, staff and volunteers worked for nearly 10 years to find an appropriate location to build a new library.

    The new Johnstown location of the Licking County Library (Mary E. Babcock Library) opened in early 2006.